Noa Gur Golan
Noa Gur GolanMesarvot

An IDF court sentenced Noa Gur Golan, 19, to a 30 day prison term, after she refused to enlist into the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) due to her pacifistic ideology.

"My personal fight is the the fight for peace, for a real security and freedom for all those who are living here– Israelis and Palestinians," she wrote on Facebook. "Out of faith in humans and not in weapons."

By law, all Jewish and Druze Israeli citizens are required to draft into the IDF. However, the law exempts those that the IDF recognizes as pacifists.

Though Golan claims to be a pacifist, the military’s Conscience Committee twice rejected her request, on the grounds that she did not qualify.

Golan is not the only person to protest the draft. Hundreds of young Israelis apply each year to be exempted from IDF service, but only a very few are actually found to be pacifists instead of draft-dodgers.