Weapons confiscated on Wednesday morning
Weapons confiscated on Wednesday morning Israel Police spokesperson

An Arab woman from Hevron hid a gun under her body and held her infant son over it, in order to fool Israeli security forces.

Israeli Border Police, Israel Police and IDF soldiers arrived to search the woman's Hevron home for weapons, and found the parents, both in their 30s, at home with their young children.

During the search, the father repeatedly insisted that there were no weapons in his home, and the family only had the small quantity of marijuana which they handed to the security forces.

After the security forces found the drugs, they noticed the mother was holding her baby in a strange fashion.

When they asked her to put the child down, she refused, saying he was ill and she had to hold him. When she understood that the security forces were not going to give in, she pulled an FN gun out of her shirt, from underneath where the baby was.

Security forces also found two magazines and over 200 9 millimeter bullets, which were hidden in the children's rooms. Both the mother and father were arrested and taken for interrogation with the Border Police.

The operation commander emphasized that Israel Police's battle against illegal weapons crosses borders and boundaries, and involves cooperation from all of Israel's security forces and units.

In April, the IDF shut down an illegal Arab weapons factory and confiscated the weapons, and in July, six Arabs were arrested for stealing weapons from an IDF base.