Cyber attack
Cyber attackIstock

A major US cyber defense company has announced that it has partnered with the Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC), in an effort to apply Israeli know-how in preventing cyber attacks to the United States.

CyberReadyUSA signed a deal with CyberGym, a partner of the IEC, to set up a training facility in the United States in order to train public sector employees in how to counter cyber attacks. The facility is scheduled to be built in late 2017.

Major General (Res.) Yiftach Ron-Tal, Chairman of IEC, praised the move. “ICE in general and CyberGym in particular are proud that an American company of the caliber of CyberReadyUSA, who offer services to a variety of customers in the field of cyber protection, have chosen to work with an Israeli company."

The objective of the collaboration between the two advanced technology companies is to assist the American company’s customers to be prepared as much as possible for the next cyber-attack aimed at their facilities. The new arena will provide users a platform for coping with cyber-attacks in real time.

Israel has long been seen as a world leader in cyber defense. A recent report by the New York data firm CB put Israel as the country possessing the highest concentration of cyber defense firms in the world, after the United States. Most recently, Israel thwarted a massive Iranian-sponsored cyber attack in April 2017, targeted over 120 organizations.