Boa constrictor snake
Boa constrictor snake iStock

An Ohio woman was attacked by her pet boa constrictor, forcing emergency forces to decapitate the snake.

The 45-year old woman had adopted it only the day before, and was shocked when the 5-foot snake suddenly turned on her, squeezing her face, and refusing to release her nose.

The woman called the police, desperately calling for help.

“Please, I have a boa constrictor stuck to my face! Oh, God, hurry, please. He’s around my waist and he has my nose.”

The dispatcher was stunned: “Ma’am, you have a what?”

“A boa constrictor,” the woman repeated.

“You have a boa constrictor … You’re outside with a boa constrictor stuck to your face?”

Firefighters were dispatched to her house, where they released that the only possible recourse was to decapitate the snake, due to the way it was wrapped around her head.

“The snake wouldn’t release,” Firefighter Lt. Wes Mariner told Fox 8 News. “Because of how close it was wrapped around her, there were no other options from what I understand.”