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Confidential IDF and Bank Hapoalim documents were compromised when American cyber firm FireEye was hacked, Calcalist reported. The break-in seems to have occurred at Mandiant, a Ramat Gan subsidiary providing cybersecurity to hi-tech companies, governments, and businesses.

In their campaign tagged "#LeakTheAnalyst," the hackers claimed to have "breached [Mandiant's] infrastructure" and said the company's internal networks and client datat were compromised.

The issue was discovered after hackers published stolen information on Pastebin's website, where it can be downloaded by users. Included in the compromised documents were email exchanges, client information, usernames, and documents.

However, FireEye - worth $2.7 billion - insisted that the issue was caused by an employee's social media account.

"We are aware of reports that a Mandiant employee's social media accounts were compromised," the company said in a statement. "We immediately began investigating this situation, and took steps to limit further exposure. Our investigation continues, but thus far, we have found no evidence FireEye or Mandiant systems were compromised."

Mandiant, meanwhile, denies responsibility for the attack.

Specializing in protecting security infrastructures, industry plants, and banks, FireEye provides information security services to organizational clients around the globe, and is considered one of the world's leading cyber companies.

According to Ynet, Hapoalim insisted that "no confidential information was leaked."

"The bank possesses multiple information security products, including those provided by the FireEye company," the bank said. "We're in touch with FireEye regarding this matter. To the best of the bank's knowledge, no confidential information was accessed. The matter, however, is still under investigation."

Kaspersky anti-virus researcher Ido Naor said, "Only one workstation seems to be infected during ‪#leakTheAnalyst‬. Dump does not show any damage to core assets of ‪Mandiant‬."