A Hamas terrorist who helped organize a planned series of terror attacks in Jerusalem has been sentenced to life in prison by an Austrian court.

The terrorist, originally from Gaza, had been arrested by Israel but was freed in the 2011 prisoner swap which resulted in the release of captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Following his release, the terrorist moved to Austria, where he continued his involvement with the Hamas terror group.

According to Austrian authorities, the terrorist had plotted a series of grenade attacks in the Israeli capital while residing abroad. The man reportedly reached out to residents of the Palestinian Authority to carry out the attack, though Israeli security forces managed to break up the cell and foil the plot in 2016.

Following the breakup of the terror cell, the Shin Bet internal security agency provided their Austrian counterparts with evidence against the mastermind behind the plot, leading to his arrest.

Authorities captured the 27-year old terrorist at an Austrian center for asylum-seekers last July.

Shin Bet agents also provided evidence during the terrorist’s trial, with testimony broadcast into the court room on a live feed.