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Badatz Agudat Yisrael, the kashrut (kosher) organization which grants "mehadrin" (stringent) kosher status to Tara dairy products, has announced its decision to remove its kashrut from the company's factories.

In an announcement published on Monday morning in haredi dailies, Agudat Yisrael said their decision was "a result of violations in the agreement and an unwillingness to listen to the guidelines of the kashrut supervisors."

In recent months, rumors have been circulating in the haredi community that Tara would soon be supervised by the Badatz Eidah Haharedit.

"Throughout the years, Agudat Yisrael has always kept to the the strictest kashrut standards," a representative told Kikar News. Recently, several bodies with vested interests are attempting to cause a change, and to grant the dairy different kashrut supervision."

"This caused several people to violate the agreement with Agudat Yisrael. Upon discovery of the issue, we held a meeting, and yesterday the Badatz decided to remove its kashrut supervision from the company."

Meanwhile, Tara emphasized that its products did not lose their "mehadrin" status for even a moment. In a statement, the company wrote, "The Tara dairy received mehadrin supervision, and the first products will be on the market in the coming days. We have the certification of kashrut supervision [and are willing to present it] if necessary."

"All the products currently on the market were produced before Agudat Yisrael's announcement and are strictly kosher. No one is arguing this important point, despite the fact that Agudat Yisrael did not state it explicitly. Products which will be on the shelves in a few days will bear the new kashrut supervision.

"After the fast of the Ninth of Av, we will publicize an announcement of our switch to the Eidah Haharedit."