Raising the fence
Raising the fence Mosdot Rachel Imeinu

Israeli security forces on Sunday added another line of defense at Rachel's Tomb: a higher wall.

Rachel's Tomb is located in Beit Lechem (Bethlehem), surrounded by Arab towns. Jewish visitors to the tomb must travel in bulletproof buses, and are allowed in by armed IDF soldiers, who patrol the area day and night.

Currently, there is a yeshiva for married men at the site, which is popular with tourists from Israel and around the globe. Nearly all of the visitors have experienced firebomb and other attacks, most of which never reach the media.

Rachel's Tomb Manager Rabbi Shachar Fireman worked to ensure the fence would be raised.

Rachel's Tomb Institutions Rabbi Tzvi Uziyahu said, "Despite the escalation, hundreds of people come every day to pray at the tomb of our foremother Rachel in Beit Lechem."

"We thank the security forces, who prepared and reinforced the security around the tomb, raising the fence. The yeshiva students and worshipers who visit feel the tension and pray for quieter days."

Barricading themselves in / Credit: Mosdot Rachel Imeinu

Additional security measures / Credit: Mosdot Rachel Imeinu

Barricading themselves in / Credit: Mosdot Rachel Imeinu

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