Israeli embassy in Jordan (archive)
Israeli embassy in Jordan (archive) Reuters

Ziv Moyal, 28, is the Israeli security guard who was involved in the incident last week at the Israeli embassy in Amman, it was cleared for publication on Sunday night.

Moyal's details were made public after the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rad published a copy of the diplomatic document that the security guard carried with him, which included his name and photo.

The security guard was lightly injured in last week's incident, when a Jordanian worker stabbed him with screwdriver at his residence adjacent to the embassy.

After he was stabbed, the security guard opened fire on the assailant, killing him. A second Jordanian national, reportedly the security guard’s landlord, was also killed.

Following the attack, Jordanian officials demanded Israel turn over the security officer for interrogation – despite his diplomatic immunity.

Jordan had refused to allow the guard to leave the country. The head of the Shin Bet intelligence agency then traveled to Amman to conduct his own investigation into the incident. The intelligence chief presented the officer's side of the story to Jordanian officials, and after negotiations between King Abdullah and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu,Jordan agreed to allow the guard to return to Israel.

On Friday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Israel had launched an initial probe into the incident.

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