Border Police officer helps Arab boy suffering from head injury
Border Police officer helps Arab boy suffering from head injuryPolice

A Border Police paramedic adminstered first aid to a 10-year-old Palestinian Arab boy who had fallen at home and suffered injury to his head, a Border Police spokesman said.

On Saturday, a Palestinian Arab father from the Hevron area approached Border Police officers standing at a checkpoint near Mearat Hamachpela (the Cave of the Patriarchs). Holding his son, the father told the Israeli officers that they boy had suffered a head injury after falling in the family's home.

The officers immediately called over their unit's paramedic, who administered first aid. Afterwards, the Red Crescent arrived to take the boy to a local hospital.

The father thanked the Border Police officers for the help they had given his son.

Palestinian Arabs see their local Israeli security forces as a place to go whenever there is a problem or need, despite the complexity of the security situation.

Border Police officers will determinedly fight anyone who threatens their llives, but they will administer professional medical aid to law-abiding Palestinian Arabs who need their help.

With the same dedication and professionalism they use to fight terror and disruptions to order, the Border Police work to save lives and administer medical treatment - regardless of religion, race, or sex.