Police Chief at Western Wall
Police Chief at Western WallFlash 90

Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich arrived at the Western Wall plaza Thursday afternoon to give a statement on the removal of the security measuresfrom the Temple Mount.

Alsheich was heckled, however, by right-wing activists who protested what they deemed the 'capitulation' by Israel with regards to security on the Temple Mount.

"I'm happy to be able to dispel some of the misinformation," Commisioner Alsheich said.

"The Cabinet's decision the day before yesterday was to remove the means placed [at the entrances to the Temple Mount] - all of it, metal detectors, gates, and cameras," Alsheich explained. "Yesterday, the Jerusalem municipality completed the removal of the infrastructure used for both the metal detectors and cameras, because those infrastructures were worthless and served no purpose."

"The responsibility for the security of Jews, Muslims, and tourists on the Temple Mount was and remains with the Israel Police and the Jerusalem District," he added.

"We have a responsibility to formulate an appropriate security arrangement in accordance with the decisions of the political echelon. This is a democratic state, and we are formulating an operational arrangement which is made possible by the decisions of the political echelon."

"We allowed everyone who wanted to enter, when they wanted to enter, according to the hours the Temple Mount is open. I call on everyone not to engage in violence or to create disturbances."

Commissioner Alsheich's final remarks were interrupted by two right-wing activists who accused Alshich of putting politics above the safety of his men.

"Your policemen left their posts. Why did you abandon your officers?" Dr. Michael Ben Ari and attorney Itamar Ben Gvir shouted at Alsheich. "You have told [the Arabs] to start being violent [again]. You surrendered!" Dr. Ben Ari said.