Hamas terrorist in Gaza
Hamas terrorist in Gaza Emad Nassar/Flash 90

The Conference of European Rabbis praised the decision of the European Court of Justice Wednesday that Hamas will remain classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union.

The EU's list of terror organizations ensures the affected groups' funds stay frozen, limits the movements of Hamas affiliates, and prohibits the business from openly doing business in the EU.

Conference of European Rabbis president and Moscow Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said in response: “Islamic radicalism is the main threat to peace and security in Europe. Hamas’s ideology is devoted to terrorism and it is important that they remain officially designated as terrorists within the European Union. What Hamas has done in areas under its control has had far reaching consequences and their aspiration to murder "Infidels" is horrific and shocking. We hope that the European Union will continue to hold Hamas to account and to stop their ideology from spreading to European youth.”

Other European Jewish groups also praised the decision.

European Jewish Congress (EJC) President Dr. Moshe Kantor stated: "This ruling is an important political message for the fight against international terror, which knows no difference between countries and peoples, and strikes in the hearts of European countries as well as commonly in Israel."

"It also sends a clear message that those who oppose peace in the Middle East by acts of murder and terror have no place within the European Union.

"Hamas is a part of an international terror network and has murdered countless people. One just needs to look at Art. 7 of their charter to know their proudly stated genocidal aspiration to the mass murder of Jews all over the world."

Meanwhile, Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) Chief Executive Simon Johnson said, "Hamas’s track record as a terrorist organization is without question and the European Court of Justice’s decision is welcome and proper."

"As a society, we should not tolerate any organization who has within its charter a pledge to wipe out Jews or any other race.

"We hope that this decision will make a practical difference, that relevant authorities will now clamp down on any displays of support for Hamas and that those apologists for Hamas take careful note of this decision. When we exit the European Union, it is important that the EU’s full proscription of Hamas is adopted by the UK."

Although the US lists Hamas as a terror organization, the EU has received much criticism for doing the same