Amman, Jordan
Amman, Jordan REUTERS

The Kingdom of Jordan is demanding Israel handover the Israeli embassy official who was wounded in Sunday evening’s terror attack in Amman, and has barred his return to Israel.

On Sunday, the Israeli embassy in Amman’s deputy security officer was stabbed at his residence in the embassy compound by a Jordanian man who had been brought to move furniture.

After he was stabbed, the security officer opened fire, killing the terrorist.

A second Jordanian citizen, who was described in various media reports as being either a doctor employed at the embassy or the owner of the residence, was also killed during the attack.

Following the attack, Jordanian officials have demanded Israel turnover the security officer for interrogation – despite his diplomatic immunity.

Israel has thus far refused to comply with Jordan’s demand. In response, the Jordanian government has barred the officer from leaving Jordan until their demands are met.

Officials from the two countries are working to break the diplomatic stalemate as tensions in Jordan continue to rise, following a public campaign by the terrorist’s family demanding Israel handover the wounded embassy officer.