The gag order on last week's deadly terrorist attack on the Temple Mount was partially lifted Thursday, allowing the publication of more security videos of the attack.

Two Druze police officers were murdered in the attack.

The joint investigation by the Israel Police and the Shin Bet revealed the route by which the three terrorists entered Jerusalem and reached the Old City and the Temple Mount.

According to the investigation, the three terrorists arrived in the capital early Friday morning, along with another accomplice. The terrorists split off when they reached the old city so as not to walk in a group, with the accomplice carrying the weapons used in the attack behind them.

The terrorists entered the Temple Mount separately and made their way to the Al Aqsa Mosque, where they prayed.

After finishing their prayers, the three terrorists left the mosque. One of the terrorists held the bag concealing the weapons.

The accomplice was seen leaving the Temple Mount without the bag after having entered the mount with it.

As they left the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the terrorists continued to walk toward the bathroom compound inside the Temple Mount area, where they changed into long clothes. They left the compound armed with their weapons.

The terrorists opened fire on the policemen who were guarding one of the entrances to the Temple Mount, killing one. They then ran back into the compound.

The police pursued the terrorists and engaged in a shootout with them. Another police officer was killed during the shootout, as were two of the terrorists.

The third terrorist rose again after being shot and attempted to stab police officers before he was shot again and killed.

The commander of the Jerusalem District ordered the closure of the Temple Mount immediately following the attack while police searched the mount for hidden weapons. The police found and confiscated knives, clubs, stun grenades, incendiary materials, slingshots and other weapons.

According to the police, the investigation and the documentation of the terrorists smuggling weapons onto the Temple Mount prove the cynical exploitation of the holy site and the lax security conditions by the terrorists.

The Temple Mount was closed to visitors for two days and reopened on Sunday. However, Muslim worshipers have largely avoided the mount after the Jordanian Waqf, an Islamic trust which oversees the holy site, forbade Muslims from ascending the mount as long as the newly installed metal detectors remain in place.

A security source told Arutz Sheva, "The documentation in the video shows that the government must support the demand of Minister Erdan and allow the metal detectors to remain on the Temple Mount - the metal detectors could have prevented the attack on the Temple Mount."

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