Yet another incident of passengers being removed from their seats by an American airline has gained global attention, this time involving an Israeli family traveling in the US.

On July 2nd, Tamir Raanan, his wife Mandy, and their three young daughters boarded a JetBlue flight from Fort Launderdale to New York City.

According to the Raanan family, just before takeoff, airline officials demanded the Raanans leave the plane after their one-year old daughter kicked the seat of the passenger in front of her.

The passenger whose seat was being kicked became agitated, but according to the Raanans, the situation was speedily resolved.

Shortly thereafter, however, JetBlue staff, including manager Armando Gonzalez, informed the family that they would not be permitted to remain on the plane.

Mandy Raanan later said the family had been blacklisted by JetBlue “without reason”, and was “stranded”, The Daily Mail reported.

JetBlue, however, claims the family exhibited threatening and violent behavior during the incident, prompting their removal from the New York-bound flight.

“After a verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities against a nearby customer, the aircraft door was reopened and our airports team politely asked the customers to step off to discuss the situation,” a JetBlue spokesperson told The Daily Mail on Wednesday.