Rabbi Druckman at the Shanaan home
Rabbi Druckman at the Shanaan homeCenter for Bnei Akiva Yeshivot

Bnei Akiva Youth Movement and Center for Bnei Akiva Yeshivot Head Rabbi Haim Druckman and Bnei Akiva Youth Movement CEO Elhanan Gal visited on Wednesday the family of murdered police officer Command Sergeant Major Kamil Shanaan.

Shanaan was killed on Friday together with Command Sergeant Major Hayil Satawi when three Muslim Arab terrorists carried out a shooting terror attack on the Temple Mount.

Hurfeish resident Mohana Paras, who was recently chosen to advance the Education Ministry's new plan for the math matriculation, joined Rabbi Durckman and Gal in their visit to the Shanaan family.

Rabbi Druckman spoke with public and religious figures during the visit, and comforted the family. He noted the deep connection between the Jewish nation and the Druze community, and expressed his deep pain for the murder and their sorrow.

"A person's murder is horrific," Rabbi Druckman said. "It's especially painful when the one murdered dedicated his life to protecting his country and the Jewish people."