The accident
The accident צילום: אלון קוצי, תיעוד מבצעי מד"א

Seventy-year-old Alon Mukhtar and his two children Ella, 12, and Yoel Shalom, 7, who were killed yesterday (Monday) in the road accident in the north, were laid to rest this evening at the Kfar Adumim cemetery.

In the hospital in Nahariya the mother of the family and two other children are still hospitalized in moderate to severe condition.The accident occurred when a truck collided with the Mukhtar family's car for reasons that are not clear at this stage.

The driver who was injured, a MDA volunteer, told News 2: "I got to the traffic light at the junction, suddenly a car appeared ... the second I got to the intersection; I had no way of preventing the accident except to press the brake but it did not help.

"I got out of the truck, helped them and took care of first aid, and also performed CPR with another MDA volunteer on the girl.Today I heard that the girl died, the girl I was treating; I broke down completely."

The driver, who was treated at the same hospital where the family was hospitalized, went to the relatives of the victims yesterday to express condolences."I told them I was the truck driver ... They did not come to me with any complaints, because they knew I was not to blame."

בן 6 ואביו נהרגו בתאונה

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