Muslims outside Magnetometers on Temple Mount
Muslims outside Magnetometers on Temple MountFlash90

Caving in or mere clarification? It’s not clear. Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Mohammed Hussein said in an interview with the Panet website that, in contrast to reports, he did not say that the prayers of a Muslim who prays on the Temple Mount after being checked by a magnetometer will not be heard.

In an interview, the Mufti stressed his opposition to the placement of the magnetometers by Israeli police by order of Prime Minister Netanyahu, stating that the true purpose of the gates was to harass Muslims and interfere with their freedom of worship, and that claims of their use for security were merely an excuse.

According to the Mufti, the Israeli step goes against the status quo that has been in place for years based on international conventions. The Mufti said that officials in the Jordanian government and in the Arab world are working to remove the magnetometers at the entrance to the Temple Mount.

However, as stated, the Mufti stressed that he did not say that whoever prayed after passing a magnetometer check would see his prayers deemed null and void. As a result of this statement, and following calls by Arab leadership to protest, Muslims decided yesterday to remain outside the gates of the Temple Mount in order not to accept the magnetometer order. The worshipers held their prayers outside the gates.

Israel based its acceptance of the status quo on the understanding that the holy site would be free of arms However, several members of the Wakf are suspected of helping the terrorist murderers hide their weapons on the Mount.