Police units on Monday evening dispersed rioters who fired fireworks directly at them, in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem. Police units used non-lethal weapons and continue to patrol the areas.

At the entrance of the neighborhood of Isawiah, a number of masked suspects threw firebombs and fired fireworks at police units patrolling the area. Police dispersed the rioters with non-lethal weapons. No injuries were reported.

Earlier on Monday evening, dozens of Arabs threw stones and blocked the Maale Mota Gur road in Jerusalem.

Police forces drove the rioters out using riot control measures.

At the same time, dozens of Arabs gathered near the Lions' Gate and attacked policemen.

The Arab riots are part of the Arab protest against the metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount following the murderous attack on Friday.

During the day, hundreds of Muslim worshipers came to the Al-Aqsa mosque but did not enter and prayed outside the Temple Mount to protest the placing of the magnetometers.

יהודים בהר הבית, ללא וואקף

This morning, police allowed Jews to go up to the Temple Mount for the first time since Friday's attack, in which two policemen were murdered.The Jews who came to the Mount were not accompanied by the Muslim Waqf, who usually chaperone Jewish tours of the area.

The purpose of the "escort" that the Waqf applys to Jewish groups is to ensure that they do not deviate from the rules of the status quo, do not enter certain areas inside the mountain, and do not pray in the Temple Mount compound.

The Waqf did not accompany the Jews because they demand that the new security arrangements decided upon by the Prime Minister be canceled.