Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein on Monday slammed Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef a-Tarawana for his remarks in the Jordanian parliament yesterday, in which he praised the three terrorists who committed out the deadly attack on the Temple Mount last Friday.

Two Druze police officers were murdered in the terror attack.

Edelstein said, "Yesterday there was a serious parliamentary incident, even a very serious one.While all of us are still hurting from the attack that took place on Friday on the Temple Mount, in which two young policemen were murdered, Jordanian Parliament Speaker Atef a-Tarawneh stood on the parliamentary platform and said, 'The Shahids are watering the pure land.'

"It is unthinkable that such a senior figure in a country with whom we have a peace agreement dares encourage the murder of Israeli citizens," the Knesset speaker said angrily.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein
Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein Hezki Ezra

Edelstein turned to the Jordanian parliament speaker and said, "Mr. a-Tarawneh, the basic thing that was demanded of you, as a public figure and as a human being, was to condemn this abominable crime. You were supposed to be one of the first to say: It is absolutely forbidden to act violently anywhere - and certainly not to desecrate holy places!And if you couldn't condemn - it would be preferable if you just kept quiet!"

Edelstein noted that he meets parliamentary leaders all over the world, and always says that his goal is to create frameworks for regional cooperation, along with counterparts in Arab countries."The kind of statements that were heard yesterday from your mouth distance this goal, and we can only regret that," the Knesset speaker stressed.

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