Electric kettle
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United Hatzalah paramedics administered first aid to a toddler who suffered burns when hot water spilled on her at a home daycare center in Rekhasim, a town located twenty minutes from Haifa.

"An electric kettle that was on the kitchen counter fell on the girl, who was about two years old, and burned her on her upper body," United Hatzalah paramedic Avremi Borodianski said. "The other volunteers and I provided the girl with first aid."

"Her condition is light to moderate."

"We call on Israelis to take safety precautions and to place hot water urns or electric kettles far away from where children can reach them," a United Hatzalah spokesperson said. "It's important to make sure that the electric cord is also in a place inaccessible to children."

"Taking appropriate precautions will prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future."