The Temple Mount
The Temple MountFlash 90

The "Students for the Temple Mount" movement on Saturday night responded to Israel's decision to reopen the Temple Mount to Muslims on Sunday afternoon.

The Temple Mount and Old City were closed following a terror attack carried out by three terrorists armed with firearms. Two Druze policemen were killed in the attack, and a third was wounded. the terrorists were eliminated.

"What Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu decided was that tomorrow, the Temple Mount will be open to Muslims, who support and encourage terror and death - and closed to Jews, who abide by the law and advocate life," the movement's spokesperson said.

"Again, the righteous becomes the victim and the attacker is victorious.

"It is illogical that after a murderous terror attack in which two Israeli policemen were killed, and which was carried out by terrorists who were armed with weapons they hid on the Temple Mount - terror emerges the victor. While Muslims enter the Temple Mount freely, the Jews will again be forced to remain outside.

"This policy will cause additional terror attacks. When we reward terror - it lifts its head.

"We insist the Prime Minister stop rewarding terror, and open the Temple Mount to Jewish worshipers tomorrow morning.

"If tomorrow begins with Jewish worshipers instead of Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount, we will know that you indeed want to allow Israel to be victorious, instead of wanting our enemies - who support and encourage Islamist terror - to claim victory."