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Israel's Population and Immigration Authority on Wednesday announced a discounted price for emergency passports purchased at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport.

The discount is in compensation for the long wait times for those who wish to purchase a passport at their local Interior Ministry.

Previously, citizens did not need an appointment for the Interior Ministry. However, since June 1 passports cannot be extended and all new passports must be biometric. A first biometric passport requires an in-person meeting and cannot be ordered online, creating long lines.

As a result, the Interior Ministry has requested every citizen who requires a new identity card or passport make an appointment with their local branch, creating long lines and wait times. In some branches, the earliest appointment for the Interior Ministry is in September. Citizens may come in without an appointment, but will often wait for 4-5 hours, instead of the previous 1-2.

The discount at Ben Gurion Airport will apply to those who order passports for flights leaving in 48 hours or more, and will provide citizens with a temporary passport in the following situations:

1) A citizen who requested an appointment with his local branch of the Interior Ministry, but was not served in time for his flight;

2) A citizen who appeared in the Interior Ministry, submitted a request for a passport, but is concerned the passport will not arrive before their scheduled flight.

In both of these cases, the citizen can arrive at Ben Gurion Airport between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 4:00p,m. and order a passport. The passport will be valid for a full year and will cost 405 NIS for an adult passport and 210 NIS for a child passport.

Those requesting passports should bring their previous passport (if they had one), two photos, and their plane ticket.

Prices for passports at Ben Gurion Airport are usually 815 NIS for an adult passport and 420 NIS for a child passport. If the previous passport was lost or stolen, adults would pay an extra 275 NIS and children would pay an extra 140 NIS.