Naftali Bennett
Naftali BennettFlash 90

In the near future, the cabinet will discuss the plan to build over 14,000 housing units in the Arab city of Qalqiliya into Area C, which is under Israeli control according to the Oslo Accords and has all the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. The Jewish Home party is leading the opposition to the plan.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett explained in an interview with Arutz Sheva why he considers the plan to greatly expand the city from Area A into Area C to be dangerous. "It must be understood that massive Palestinian construction near Route 6, near Kfar Sava and Kochav Yair - clearly contradicts Israeli interests - certainly during the period when Jewish construction is frozen. I don't see the logic in building thousands opf structures up against Route 6. We will certainly object to this and I also call on the members of the Cabinet to oppose this security error. And I hope we will be successful as we have been in the past."

The Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, and the IDF leadership do not understand the problem you are presenting?

"My role in the cabinet is to advance Israel's security interests as I see them, and not as others see them. During Operation Protective Edge I had a different opinion than my colleagues in the Cabinet, and in the end the cabinet adopted my position and we went in and destroyed Hamas' terror tunnels. In many issues we have succeeded in leading [the rest of the Cabinet], and I hope very much that this time, as well, our voice will not only be heard, but we will able to lead a strong right and not a right that wants to build a Palestinian metropolis along Route 6."

They explain the plan as providing the Palestinian Arabs an economic horizon. You disagree?

"It is true. I support improving the economy for everyone, Jews and Arabs alike, but it does not have to be on Route 6. I have no problem with a city like Rawabi that is built for high-rise construction, but this move is a security mistake at the most elementary level. What has not been taken into account is that n the last year many terrorists who came from Qalqiliya went out to carry out attacks, and if you talk about a stick and a carrot, the last thing you have to do is give a carrot to a place where terrorists are coming from."