"Pain and destruction": Hamas mother holds baby aloft
"Pain and destruction": Hamas mother holds baby aloftReuters

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon issued the following statement on the UNESCO report “Gaza – 10 Years Later”, which was released today:

“This United Nations report proves without a doubt that the rule of Hamas terrorists over the past ten years has not only led to unending attacks on innocent Israelis, but has also brought nothing but pain and destruction to the residents of Gaza.

"The continued exploitation of humanitarian aid by this terrorist organization harms Palestinian civilians and sabotages the efforts of the international community. It is time for the UN to finally designate Hamas a terrorist organization and to demand that the Palestinian leadership abandon its support of incitement and terror.”

The new UN report says more than 95 percent of Gaza's water is now unfit for drinking, while electricity supplies have reached critical levels in recent months -- falling to only a few hours a day. The report claims that Gaza may have already reached the 'point' of 'unlivability.'