Y. and his son.
Y. and his son. Credit: Y.

At the beginning of July, Y. wrote a Facebook post about how much he misses his son - which received over 10,000 likes and 1,000 shares.

"Once I was a good dad," Y. wrote. "Once, I was my child's entire world, and he was my entire world. I didn't know that if you catch your wife cheating on you, then you can't be a dad anymore. No one ever told me that."

"For over a month, I haven't been a dad. Because his mom told the authorities that I'm a dangerous person, and she's not willing to let our son meet me - and if I even think about him, she'll call the police.

"Friends, the law in Israel is so warped. It only sees the good of the woman - it doesn't see the child, and certainly not the father. Because a dad can't love his child like a mom can, obviously not.

"They took away all my rights to see my child, with the Israeli government's blessing. I'm talking about a child who is almost three years old. From the day he was born, I didn't leave him for even a minute. Friends, we had a special bond, full of love. For three years, I was with this child, but today I'm suddenly dangerous?

"I've never hurt anyone in my life, not my child and certainly not anyone else's children. Enough with this warped law. I'm also a dad, and I also love my child no less than his mother does. I ask you, my dear friends, please share this post. We need to change this warped law. Believe me, this can happen to anyone. Imagine to yourself that one day you're suddenly not parents. One day, someone will tell you, 'Forget it, it's a battle you'll never win.'

"I am going to fight this war, first of all for my child, but second of all for every man in Israel. I will not give up on my child ever, and it doesn't matter what price I pay in the end. Please help me. Please, let's use the power of the internet to reach the right people. I miss my child.

"I ask you, my friends, please share and share. With every day that passes, my child suffers more."

Today, Y. sees his son regularly - but not enough. And even this, he says, he only managed because he has a lot of connections and is an important and well-known figure in his town.

Are men equal in the eyes of the law?