Dov Kalmanovich
Dov KalmanovichMiriam Tzachi

Deputy Jerusalem Mayor Dov Kalmanovich attacked the Jerusalem municipality's continued refusal to establish a memorial site for Jerusalem residents who were victims of terror.

According to Kalmanovich, “They’re going to set up a memorial corner for Shira Banki who was murdered during the Gay Pride Parade. What about the 15 who were murdered in the ‘refrigerator bombing’ in Zion Square 40 years ago?” During that attack on July 4, 1975, an Arab terrorist unloaded a refrigerator packed with explosives into the Square in central Jerusalem.

Kalmanovich said every other Israeli city has some sort of memorial site for those who sacrificed themselves “in the nation of Israel’s war against murderous Palestinian terror.”

“How can it be that the capital of Israel refrains from establishing such a site in memory of the fallen?” he wondered.

His statements come after news of the City’s intention establish a “memory corner” in honor of Shira Banki, who was murdered in Zion Square during the Gay Pride Parade two years ago.

“I have no problem with setting up a memory corder in honor of Shira Banki of blessed memory. On the contrary, I support it. Nevertheless, it must be asked how they can oppose the establishment of a memorial in Jerusalem for terror victims, a memorial that will also include those murdered in the refrigerator bombing?!”

Kalmanovich revealed that, after Aryeh King’s resignation from city management, Kalmanovich himself was offered to head Jerusalem’s “Committee for Terror Victims” in King’s stead.

“I refused to head the Committee, as long as we are not getting adequate funding for establishing a memorial. As a terror victim, I can testify to the fact that there is utmost importance in memorializing the fallen with the greatest respect,” he said.

He explained that “Memory is an educational principle. A city that does not remember its heroes and the great sacrifice on which its life rests has no future. Unfortunately, the Jerusalem municipality has cancelled the upcoming meeting which was to have dealt with the issue. My position is clear; I will not rest or remain silent until the capital of Israel remembers its fallen.”