Convicted terrorist Tiyassir Abu Sanina, current Hevron mayor, may be about to receive authority over the Cave of the Patriarchs (Mearat Hamachpela) on July 7, pending a decision by UNESCO.

Meanwhile, in a short video, Hevron Mayor Tiyassir Abu Sanina speaks about how he had hoped to murder more Israelis in the terror attack which he perpetrated than he actually succeeded in murdering.

In the video, filmed one year ago, Abu Sanina describes how he had planned to postpone his terror attack if less than 50 potential victims were present.

He also says he planned his attack for 8 months, and intended it to kill both IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

Abu Sanina is a member of the terror cell which carried out the May 1980 terror attack on Beit Hadassah, killing six civilians and wounding twenty more. The terrorists ambushed the six, shooting from a rooftop, as the young men were returning from Friday night Sabbath prayers.

All the terrorists who participated in the attack were given life sentences, but released during the prisoner swaps of the 1980s.

Ignoring this as irrelevant, UNESCO is expected to hand authority over the Cave of the Patriarchs to Abu Sanina, as a representative of the Palestinian Authority.