Scene of accident
Scene of accident MDA

An 88-year old woman was killed Wednesday morning after she was hit by a car on Rakefet Street in Rishon Letzion. The woman’s 34-year old caregiver was also struck, and has been listed in moderate condition.

MDA emergency responders were called to the scene shortly after the accident. MDA paramedics were forced to declare the elderly woman dead at the scene, while the caregiver was evacuated to Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center (formerly known as the Assaf Harofe Medical Center) in Tzrifin.

Shmuel Boenish, an MDA first responder who helped treat the victims of the accident, said the elderly woman had suffered serious head injuries.

“When we got there, we saw a smashed in wheelchair flipped on its side, and next to it there was a woman in her 80s lying on the ground, unconscious, not breathing, and with no pulse. She had suffered a head injury. We performed a medical examination; she had no vital signs and we were forced to declare her dead at the scene.”

“A 34-year old woman who had been pushing [the elderly woman’s] wheelchair was also injured by the car, and was lying fully conscious, with bruises on her body and injuries to her limbs. After we gave her first aid on the scene, we evacuated her to the hospital, while she was in moderate, stable condition.”

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