Emmanuel Macron
Emmanuel MacronReuters

A 23-year old French citizen was arrested recently for allegedly planning to assassinate President Emmanuel Macron on Bastille Day next Friday, French media reported on Monday.

According to a report by RMC, the suspect is an unemployed 23-year old from Argenteui, a suburb of Paris.

The suspect reportedly made inquiries online regarding the purchase of an AK-47 assault rifle.

After police were tipped off regarding the man’s efforts to acquire an assault rifle, officers were dispatched to his home.

When they arrived, the man threatened officers with knife before being subdued and taken into custody.

Police found three knives in the suspect’s car, and investigators say plans for possible attacks were found on his computer.

The arrest took place last Thursday, though no details were released at the time.

On Saturday the suspect was indicted on terrorism charges.

During questioning, the suspect admitted that he had planned to kill President Macron during a Bastille Day on the Champs-Elyees next Friday, adding that he also wanted to murder “blacks, Arabs, Jews, and homosexuals”, RMC reported.

President Trump is scheduled to attend the Bastille Day celebration at the Champs-Elyees as a guest of President Macron.

Investigators say the suspect has a history of radical nationalist extremism, and was convicted of “provoking racial hatred and supporting terrorism” last year.

While he received a three year sentence, he was freed after 12 months.