PLO flags seized by the police
PLO flags seized by the police Israel Police Spokesperson

Jerusalem District Commander Yoram Halevi on Sunday evening ordered the cancellation of the funeral procession of an Arab resident of eastern Jerusalem, during which participants waved Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags, shouted slogans against Israel and violated public order.

During the funeral, which began in the neighborhood of At-Tur, the Arab participants did not respond to the orders of the policemen, blocked the road and threw rocks at the officers who tried to disperse them.

A police officer was wounded by a rock that hit him in the face and was treated at the scene. The police stressed that they would not allow anyone to take advantage of a funeral and turn it into an event of a nationalist nature in violation of public order.

"The police responded immediately and the incident was dispersed. At the same time, the police will work to identify the lawbreakers and bring them to justice,” the Israel Police said.