A joint delegation of the Diaspora Ministry and the Gesher organization visited Great Britain this week to learn about the challenges facing the Jewish community there.

Gesher CEO Ilan Gal-Dor told Arutz Sheva that the biggest challenge facing British Jewry was assimilation. Statistics show a high percentage of intermarriage for non-Orthodox Jews in the UK, topped by 80% intermarriage for US non-Orthodox.

"People in the Diaspora have to choose daily to be Jews. To be a Jew has to be something nice, attractive, an updated," he said.

Gal-Dor said that Israel must take a greater role in strengthening the Jewish identity of Diaspora Jewry. "I think Israel can take a role in this place, and can reach out, bring them to Israel to [go on] tours, strengthen their Jewish identity. This can help the leaders in the local community, and leave them part of the Jewish people."