At a Gesher event in conjunction with Israel's Diaspora Ministry, Arutz Sheva spoke with the UK Conservative Party's Dr. Matthew Offord about ties between the two countries, the economy, and life under the threat of terror.

"The relationship between Israel and the UK under the Theresa May government is very good," Offord said. "Not only does she defend Israel in terms of international relations, but she's also very supportive in the work that occurs in Israel, particularly in the hi-tech sector. And there's a great drive in the UK government to actually engage in the Israeli economy."

"There was a report by a group called Open Britain that identified two billion pounds worth of untraded assets between the two countries, and I already mentioned the hi-tech sector. I certainly believe the pharmaceutical sector and other areas - there's a great deal that the two countries could benefit from that."

Regarding the recent wave of terror attacks, Offord said, "In light of some of the terrorist attacks that we've experienced, particularly where people have used cars to mow people down and then they got out of those cars to undertake further attacks - that's something that Israel has experienced."

"I think there will be greater security cooperation between the two countries, to look at the ways to prevent such attacks."

And according to Offord, the UK may look into learning Israeli tactics on preventing and dealing with terror attacks.

"Israel has a great deal more experience than the United Kingdom has there," he said. "So I think that we've got a lot than we can learn. But also we can share intelligence between our two countries and that will be good for the peace of the world."

When asked how British citizens are dealing with the new reality, Offord responded, "The day to day feeling is that people are aware that there's a possibility that it could happen again. there's an increased police presence and the police are certainly more visible... It's something that's certainly on our minds, that we are aware of."

"But we must remember that we must continue in our day to day lives and not let the terrorists actually win. so we continue with our activities, but people remain vigilant."