Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Eliran Aharon

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, on Thursday evening criticized journalist Ben Caspit, who appealed to the Jerusalem District Court regarding Netanyahu's working conditions as a psychologist who works in the civil service.

Caspit demanded to know, among other things, what responsibilities she has, and how many hours she works.

"For years, Ben Caspit has been conducting a campaign of persecution and obsessive slander against the Prime Minister and his wife. This time he is trying to harm the Prime Minister's wife's work as an educational psychologist in the civil service. The court is discussing these days a libel suit filed by the Prime Minister's wife against Caspit, over lies and slander that he published,” said a statement on Sara Netanyahu's behalf.

"Caspit attributed to Mrs. Netanyahu the dismissal of an elderly and devoted worker at the Prime Minister's Residence, something which never happened. The worker, Menashe Kozokin of blessed memory, testified in court that he was never dismissed and continued to work as usual in the Prime Minister's Residence. Caspit's lies and his made up stories will be proven in court,” added the statement.

Caspit is notorious for his dislike of the Netanyahus and has more than once criticized both the Prime Minister and his wife. In a 2012 interview, he claimed that Sara Netanyahu is "the most powerful person in Israel."

"Things are decided according to her will. Her husband cannot meet people whom she does not want him to meet… She has his operating program," he said at the time.

Caspit is not alone in this regard, as the Netanyahus have come under fire from many other Israeli journalists.

Earlier this month, the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court ruled against journalist Yigal Sarna, after Prime Minister Netanyahu had sued him for a slanderous March 2016 Facebook post directed against himself and his wife.

The court ruled that Sarna is to compensate the Prime Minister and his wife a total of 100 thousand shekels. In addition, Sarna was ordered to pay 15 thousand shekels to the couple as compensation for legal expenses.