Shaked at graduation
Shaked at graduation spokesperson

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) participated today (Thursday) in the graduation ceremony of the Midreshet Danielle preparatory school in Kfar Tapuach, named after Danielle Sonnenfeld.

Danielle Sonnenfeld was a 20-year old volunteer at the pediatric oncology department at Schneider Hospital who was killed in a car accident while on her way home from her volunteer work at the hospital.

Minister Shaked said that "during my term, the concept of midrashot did not exist. We enlisted immediately and without preparation. Today, after I have seen the growth and maturity of the midrashot for girls, I am certain that all who choose this path will benefit immensely."

Shaked continued: "This is a rare year in which you can stop and just look inside yourself [without the pressures you will face later in] life."

According to Shaked, one of the most beautiful things about national service is the personal commitment to society of each volunteer. "In the context of the fields currently being presented to those who choose this track, it is necessary to strengthen national unity and to assist in achieving national goals such as immigration absorption, education, the Judea and Samaria communities, and assistance to others."

"Each person has the path which she chooses, and in which she succeeds, to express her special ability to contribute to the people and to the state. It is the implementation of a [sense of] mission and ideals."

Shaked concluded her remarks by wishing the graduates great success in their national service, and expressed her hope that they would all share the optimism of Danielle Sonnenfeld, "so that even in the difficult moments, do not despair and continue walking toward the goals we set for ourselves."

Due to the massive efforts the IDF has invested in recruiting religious girls, despite the Chief Rabbinate's opinion against female army service that dates back to the establishment of the state and the fact that there are enough male soldiers to fill IDF needs, the number of religious young women in the IDF has risen. This has left many National Service welfare and education openings without volunteers for next year, according to a lead article in this weekend's edition of the Hebrew weekly Besheva..