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In an interview with Army Radio on Wednesday, former White House Special Assistant to the President and Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel spoke about the claims that Russia hacked the November 2016 elections to favor US President Donald Trump.

"i definitely don't think that the Russians or anyone else - they certainly didn't change any votes," Daniel said. "The votes that were cast properly reflect the votes of the American people."

When we asked if Trump worked together with the Russians to influence the elections, Daniel said he doesn't think Trump did anything.

"Well, I can't really comment on that. Our system is designed to have a considerable number of checks and and balances in it, and the investigations will have to take their course."

Daniel refused to comment on whether he thought Trump would be impeached. He also refused to comment on the rumors claiming that former US President Barack Obama listened to Trump's conversations prior to the elections.

"I don't have any comment on those kinds of activities, that would've been outside of my area of doing cyber security," Daniel said. "Those are very difficult positions. I was responsible for ensuring that we had coordinated action to respond to cyber incidents when they occurred. Tou know, you were sort of on call 24/7."

Daniel is currently visiting Israel for the annual Cyber Week Conference held at Tel Aviv University.

"Israel is clearly emerged over the last few years as one of the centers of cyber security and expertise and capability around the world," Daniel noted. "As the world goes even more digital, it's going to give you even more opportunities down the world."