Kim Jong-Un
Kim Jong-Un Reuters

North Korea today compared the administration of US President Donald Trump to the Nazi regime Tuesday.

In the official media, Trump's "America-first" policy was described as being virtually the "Nazism IN the 21st century."

The Korean Central News Agency accused Trump's policies of being the "American version of Nazism far surpassing the fascism in the last century in its ferocious, brutal and chauvinistic nature.”

The agency further called the international sanctions imposed on North Korea “an unethical and inhumane act, far exceeding the degree of Hitler’s blockade of Leningrad,” and said that Trump's decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord an act which is worse than the Nazi death camps.

Relations between the United States and North Korea deteriorated in recent weeks, reaching a low point after the return of American student Otto Warmbier after 17 months in captivity in North Korea. Warmbier was returned to his parents in a coma, and died 6 days later.