Basel Ghattas
Basel GhattasYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Former MK Basel Ghattas remains unapologetic over his attempts to smuggle cell phones to terrorists jailed in Israeli prison.

As will be remembered, Ghattas was indicted on March 17 for his actions, after which he was forced to resign from his Knesset post.

In an interview to be broadcast tonight on “Keshet” with Haim Etgar on the Anashim program, Ghattas said: “I told [security prisoner Basel Bizri] that I have [the cellphones] on me. He said, ‘Give them to me now.’ My feeling was that [the plan] had succeeded, that I had finally managed to get them cell phones.”

“You saw that the state didn’t relate to it as a small offense, but like a violation of the Terror Law,” Ghattas said, but sought to downplay the severity of the offense. “The agreement says regarding clause 25 of the Terror Law, that I transferred items which, [only] in CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES could POTENTIALLY be used for terror. [Bizri] is not Hamas. It’s the least severe clause in the Terror Law. I’m not trying to convince you, I’m just telling you what I believe.”

Ghattas disregarded criticism against him from across the political spectrum. “I think that it’s below my honor to answer someone who calls me a terrorist.”

“I told you - someone who says he acted from his conscience doesn’t apologize. You want me to apologize? The judge asked me to, and I refused. I don’t apologize,” Ghattas emphasized.

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