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Palestine, the official newspaper of the Hamas terrorist group which is published in Gaza, on Monday published a cartoon conveying a message that “Israeli settlements” are an expression of “terrorism” against the Palestinian people.

The cartoon shows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, armed with a pistol and with a Star of David on the lapel of his suit, and U.S. President Donald Trump standing smiling and holding a model of a private house with the words "new settlements in Jerusalem."

The title of the caricature is "Financing Terror", and it reflects Hamas's perception that the entire “land of Palestine” is land that is holy and for Muslims only, and that Jews who have settled in it are considered land thieves and should be subjected to a war of jihad until their elimination or expulsion from the country.

According to Islam, all the prophets starting from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the way to Jesus and Muhammad were Muslims, hence the Jews have no right to the Land of Israel.