Illustration Muammar Awad/Flash90

A man in the central city of Modiin stabbed his wife repeatedly Monday morning, before turning the blade on himself in an apparent murder-suicide attempt.

Authorities were first alerted to the stabbings after the man called emergency services, saying that he had stabbed his wife and that she needed immediate medical attention.

“I stabbed my wife,” the 77-year old man told authorities.

A large police contingent arrived at the couple’s home, accompanying an emergency medical team.

MDA paramedics found the man’s 74-year old wife lying on the bathroom floor with multiple stab wounds across her body.

Investigators say the man stabbed his wife in her sleep, then attempted to commit suicide. Paramedics found multiple stab wounds on the man’s upper body, Yediot Aharonot reported.

“When we went into the apartment we saw a conscious woman lying on the floor having suffered from a number of stab wounds,” an MDA paramedic said. “The man in the apartment was also suffering from bleeding stab wounds in his upper body and was evacuated in moderate condition.”

After stabbing his wife and then himself, the man pressed a panic button, which automatically put him in touch with emergency services.

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