ArrestBasel Awidat/Flash 90

Israel Police in Jerusalem arrested a Colombian citizen suspected of stealing tens of thousands of shekels from innocent civilians.

The police investigation began a few days ago when a man arrived at a bank in the center of the city and withdrew NIS 40,000 in cash, intending to pay his employees. Upon returning to his car, a woman approached him and stole the money.

Police units in the area searched for the female suspect and she was arrested after being identified.

As the investigation continued, it came clear that the 24-year-old female suspect from Columbia entered Israel through one of the crossings in the south as part of an organized and planned group of foreigners who came to Israel in order to steal money in a sophisticated way.

Israel Police are working together with the Interpol searching for two other Colombian citizens who were involved and left Israel close to when police arrested the woman suspect.

The suspect will be brought to the Jerusalem court today.