Israel-Lebanon border
Israel-Lebanon border Flash 90

Construction of a security fence in certain areas of the Israel-Lebanon border will begin in July.

Israel's Defense Ministry estimates that Hezbollah terrorists - including snipers - will attempt to stop the construction by firing towards Israel.

One of the reasons for constructing a wall is to prevent Hezbollah terrorists from infiltrating into Israel en masse and attempting to take over Jewish towns. The wall will not prevent such incidents, but it is expected to slow Hezbollah's activities enough for the IDF to take action in time.

According to Channel 2, during the first stage of construction, a wall will be built in the western Galilee, near Hanita and Shlomi. An additional wall will be built to the north, near Metula and Manara.

These areas were chosen because of the towns' proximity to the Israel-Lebanon border.

On Friday, Hezbollah terrorist group leader Hassan Nasrallah said, "hundreds of thousands" of Muslim "fighters" are ready to strike Israel. He also emphasized that Hezbollah's rockets can "hit any target in Israel" and any war with Lebanon or Hamas will "cost Israel dearly" and turn into a war which the IDF "cannot win."

"The hypocritical game has come to an end," Nasrallah said. "Jerusalem will be liberated only by the faithful. Do not lose hope. Despite all the challenges, our core of opposition is gaining strength, and Palestine will be ours."

UN Resolution 1701, negotiated in 2006 by then Foreign Mnister Tzipi Livni, ended the Second Lebanon War between israel and Hezbollah. It called for disarming armed groups in Lebanon and prohibited the terrorist group from increasing its weapons arsenal. Since then, under the nose of UNIFIL, the number of rockets in its possession has quadrupled to over 150,000 and Lebanon has accepted Hezbollah into its government.