A female soldier heading from her home to the base where she is stationed found herself trapped in the vehicle’s luggage storage compartment located under the passenger seating area – for the entire trip, Channel 10 reported.

Inbar Erez left her home in Nahariya on the northern coast Sunday for her base in the eastern Galilee.

Just before she boarded the bus from Nahariya to Tzfat, Erez went to place her bag in the storage compartment. As she was placing her bag there, however, the driver – who did not notice her there – closed the storage compartment with Erez still inside.

Despite having her feet sticking out of the compartment and her cries for help, the driver and passengers did not notice Erez’s predicament.

During the entire trip hour and 20 minute drive from Nahariya to Tzfat, Erez was trapped in the compartment on the bottom of the bus, her feet sticking out of the bus in a potentially dangerous position.

Only after the bus arrived at its destination in Tzfat and passengers went to remove their luggage was she freed from the storage area.

Luckily, Erez only suffered a few bruises, something her mother called “miraculous”.

“It was miraculous how she came out of it,” said Erez’s mother, adding that she could have “ended up handicapped from the whole story, with her feet cut off.”