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It has been cleared for publication that joint activity of the Shin Bet and Israeli Police led to the arrest at the beginning of the month of Mohammed Ahmed Azzam, born in 1993, an Israeli Arab from the village of Kfar Manda in the lower Galilee.

Azzam was arrested following information that he supported and identified with ISIS, was in contact with operatives and supporters of the terror group, and had made preparations to set out and join the group and join its fighting ranks.

Investigation by security officials found that Azzam supported the idea of ISIS, obtained propaganda materials of the organization online and, in recent months, even made preparations to depart for the areas where fighting is taking place. It was also revealed that Azzam was in contact with a number of ISIS fighters through the internet and that they were helping him prepare for his departure.

Today, the Haifa district prosecution submitted an indictment against Azzam.