Jew praying with tallit
Jew praying with tallitISTOCK

An investigation by Jerusalem police led to the arrest of 3 minors who have been indicted for attacking a Jew wrapped in a tallit (prayer shawl) as he left Shabbat morning prayers last week.

The police investigation came about after a Jewish man praying last Shabbat at the synagogue at the tomb of Shimon Hatzaddik in Jerusalem made his way by foot from the synagogue, wrapped in his tallit.

According to the investigation, as the Jew passed 3 Arab youth, the youth turned around, took rocks, and started to throw them at the Jew’s back. The Jewish man started to run, and the youth escaped the scene.

Police working in the area noticed the Jewish man running; they approached him and immediately began searches in the area for the suspects.

A short time later, the Arab youth were located.

The suspects, identified as two brothers and their cousin, all from eastern Jerusalem, were arrested and brought in for investigation on suspicion of an attack under severe circumstances with racist motives and an attack causing tangible harm.

On Friday the prosecution submitted an indictment against the three and their arrest was extended.

Police said that, although the investigation is in its initial stages, it is clear that the attack was perpetrated with nationalistic motive only because the Jewish man was wrapped in a tallit.

“The distribution of forces around Jerusalem and their non-stop alertness around the city led to the discerning and arrest of the suspects within a short time. Israeli Police will not allow any agent to attack a man just because he has a different religion. Offenses with nationalistic motive are treated with great severity, and police will act with a forceful hand against the suspects, against whom the full force of the law will be employed,” police said.