Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedFlash 90

Dean Issacharoff, a spokesperson for the radical leftist organization Breaking the Silence, was questioned under caution Friday morning after stating in one of his attempts to blacken the IDF that he unjustly assaulted an Arab while serving in the IDF.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) had approached Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and requested that he open an investigation following recorded testimony by Issacharoff in which he admitted to the attack.

Shaked said that the state had to determine whether Issacharoff was "a liar who defames the IDF, or if it is a case of violence that needs to be investigated."

"The state has asked in the past and will continue to insist on receiving the testimonies that come to the organization in order to investigate the truth," said Shaked. "The IDF is the most moral army in the world and reported incidents of violence are investigated and dealt with."

Last month, the Reservists at the Front organization published a viral video of dozens of former Nahal Brigade soldiers who claim that Breaking the Silence spokesman Dean Issacharoff's story never happened.

"An entire platoon that says that its platoon commander, now the spokesman for Breaking the Silence, is lying! Simply inventing and falsifying a fictional event," Reservists at the Front said. "Dean Issacharoff gave testimony by which he allegedly committed a crime and ill-treated an innocent Palestinian. He began by saying, 'My soldiers were looking at me.' So we gathered all his soldiers (and the company commander) to tell him what they think. We will present this defaming and false testimony to the prosecutor."