As if they have rights: African infiltrators gather during protest outside Supreme Court
As if they have rights: African infiltrators gather during protest outside Supreme Court צילום: Flash 90

Oved Hugi, social activist from southern Tel Aviv, spoke in an interview with Arutz Sheva about life in the southern part of the city following Wednesday's debate in the Interior Committee on formulating a policy to deal with infiltrators in southern Tel Aviv.

"I leave the discussion with mixed feelings; I've been in a lot of hearings and I've heard a lot of talk, but I don't see any change. It all depends on the High Court of Justice," says Hugi.

Oved Hugi speaks during the Internal Affairs Committee meeting
Oved Hugi speaks during the Internal Affairs Committee meeting צילום: Flash 90

Who's in control, the government or the High Court of Justice?

"In my opinion, only the High Court of Justice.The High Court of Justice usurped powers and the government gave it to them. It disqualifies laws, I don't know on what basis."

Do you have a lot of complaints against leftist Knesset members?

"I have a lot of complaints on Knesset members from the Left.The whole issue of sexual harassment: If it didn't happen in north Tel Aviv, they don't care about it. If you have a guy who says to someone 'Hey, cutie' they go into conniptions, but by us in South Tel Aviv there's sexual harassment at best, and at worst, it ends with rape of Jewish girls by infiltrators. Why are they silent?

"Members of the Knesset from the left are hypocrites. They favor giving a state to the Palestinians in order to preserve the Jewish and democratic character of the state yet on the other hand they encourage the immigrants to stay here?It's hypocrisy.

"I live in another country," Hugi says. "There was always crime in South Tel Aviv, but there was a code; no one would dare approach a 13-year-old girl. When you concentrate tens of thousands of young people, what do you want to happen?

Infiltrators demanding their 'rights'
Infiltrators demanding their 'rights' Flash 90

"Today, out of ten children born in Tel Aviv, one seemingly foreign child is born, but this is not true, because this child was not born in Tel Aviv or in the Bavli neighborhood, but in South Tel Aviv.Here in the south, out of every ten children born, only one is Jewish. Only because it's south Tel Aviv does the state allow the situation to continue. How synagogues close down and turn into churches and pubs," explains Hugi.

Where will we see South Tel Aviv in 20 years?

"It will explode in the entire State of Israel. We are building a canton here as happened with the Bedouin in the Negev, and if we do not act now, we will leave a problematic inheritance for our children. Infiltrators' birthrate stands at 10,000 per year. That means 50,000 children in five years, and that should cause the Prime Minister to lose sleep. I was born there, and I will die there. South Tel Aviv is a ticking time bomb."

"דרום תל אביב זו פצצת זמן"