Disabled citizene protest on Highway 1
Disabled citizene protest on Highway 1Israel Police spokesperson

Dozens of disabled Israelis protested on Wednesday the government's decision to favor benefits for young parents over raising the disability stipend.

Wearing chains, the protesters blocked Highway 1 to towards Ben Gurion Airport.

The current monthly payment for a disabled person is 2,342 NIS ($660) per month. This was expected to increase incrementally over the next five years, until the payments reach 3,800 NIS ($1,070) per month, constituting a 50% increase.

However, even after the increase, disability payments would not reach minimum wage, which in 2018 will be 5,000 NIS ($1,410).

Now that the government approved Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon's (Kulanu) plan to channel more funds towards working parents, the budget to raise disability stipends may well have been seriously harmed, if not canceled.

Wednesday's protest is aimed at making sure the Israeli government keeps its promise to raise disability stipends.

Meanwhile, Israel Police are working to evacuate the vehicles which are blocking the highway, and the Israel Airport Authority advises those who want to reach the airport to travel via the Lod-Petah Tikva road instead of Highway 1.

Last week, disabled citizens protested on a main Tel Aviv road, demanding the Israeli government immediately raise the stipends.

Disabled citizens protest on Highway 1 Credit: Israel Police spokesperson