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A two-year old girl was run over by a tractor and killed in southern Israel Tuesday afternoon.

The accident occurred in the Bedouin town of Tirabin al-Sana south of Rahat in southern Israel.

Immediately after the accident, the child was taken to the local clinic. Emergency first responders from MDA were dispatched to the clinic, and attempted to resuscitate the child, but were ultimately forced to declare her dead.

Senior MDA official Amir Abu Gannem and paramedic Nagib Sanna said the child had suffered a severe head injury in the accident.

“We entered the clinic and there we saw a small child roughly two years of age, unconscious, who was not breathing and had no heartbeat, [suffering] from a serious head injury after she was struck by a tractor, [now] being treated by the medical staff at the clinic.”

“We joined them [the clinic staff] and performed advanced breathing and resuscitation techniques with the help of the clinic staff, but in the end we were forced to declare her death at the scene.”