In forests northeast of Lisbon, Portugal, a wave of fires have killed 62 people and counting, Portuguese media reported.

The fires began on Sunday, and hundreds of firefighters are still working to battle the blaze. To help the firefighting efforts, Spain sent two water-bombing planes and France sent three aircraft.

It is expected that the fires broke out as a result of the current heat wave in the Iberian peninsula.

According to Portuguese media, over sixty fires have erupted since temperatures reached over 40 degrees Celsius. Several villages have been evacuated.

Portuguses Prime Minister Antonio Costa tweeted his "deepest regret for the victims... and a word of encouragement and strength for all who help combat this scourge."

"We are most likely facing the biggest tragedy of human life that we have known. I am stunned at the number of casualties."

Costa also warned that the number of dead is expected to rise.

The nation has declared three days of mourning.